Dr. Mike Harrington

Faculty Lecturer

Edmonton, Canada

Contacting me
E-mail mjh@ualberta.ca
Office Biological Sciences Building room B-109A
Phone 780.492.6445
Fax 780.492.9234
Mail CW-405 Biological Sciences Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2E9, Canada
Courses that I am teaching this term
Spring 2012    
Biology 207 Molecular genetics and heredity Website
Courses that I have taught in the past
Course Portion Title
Biology 107 all Introduction to cell biology
Biology 201 all Eukaryotic cell biology
Biology 207 all Molecular genetics and heredity
Biology 391 all Techniques in molecular biology and bioinformatics
Genetics 270 all Foundations of molecular genetics
Genetics 275 all The genetics of higher organisms
Genetics 302 all Organization of complex genomes
Genetics 304 one half Gene expression and its regulation
Genetics 375 all Introduction to molecular genetics techniques
Genetics 390 all Gene manipulation
Genetics 418 all Human genetics
Genetics 500 one third Advanced genetic analysis
Genetics 510 one third Gene regulation
Curriculum vitae
Ph.D., University of British Columbia, 2001, Zoology
Recent Publications
Freeman, Harrington, & Sharp, 2011, "Biological Science, Canadian Edition" Pearson Canada Inc.

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