This quiz presents a sample of the types of questions you may be asked on a laboratory exam. In the actual exam, you will be shown a photograph, provided with any necessary background information, and asked a few multiple choice questions.

The following quiz is designed to help you assess your understanding of the subject material and to see the general level of difficulty of questions that might be asked of you. Each question consists of a photograph with some background information. One or more structures may be labelled on each photograph. Clicking on "Click here for questions" will bring up several questions in the right-hand frame. The correct answer (or answers) will be revealed when you click on the drop box below the question. Of course, the questions in this quiz will not be appropriate until you have studied the parasite qroup or concepts being tested!

Although this quiz may ask numerous questions on each photo, in an exam you would be asked only three or four questions. You should carefully evaluate all the information you are provided with, and be clear about what the question is asking, before selecting your answer.

The time allotted for questions during an actual exam would be about 2 minutes for a photo with 3 questions.