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BIOFEEDBACK, Week Ending: November 27, 2008,
Volume 15, Number 38

News from the Associate Chair Research

ACA Grant Eligible Conservation Fund 2009 2010
The ACA is proud to enter into its 12th year of Conservation Funding. Up to $1 million will be available for project funding via the Grant Eligible Conservation Fund during the 2009-2010 funding cycle.

Biol Sci Submission Deadline: January 16th, 2009 ACA Submission Deadline:Friday, January 30th, 2009 (@ 4:30pm MDT)

Funding Eligibility: With the exception of Alberta Conservation Association and Alberta Government, Sustainable Resource Development staff, any organization or individual may apply to the Grant Eligible Conservation Fund if they have a suitable project.

The Project Submission Guidelines package is available on-line and contains information to help you apply for funding to the Alberta Conservation Association - Grant Eligible Conservation Fund.

* Small Grants requests up to $3,000.00 are geared toward small-scale projects and have an easy to complete application form.

* Large Grants requests over $3,000.00 are geared toward larger-scale projects and require a more detailed application form.

For More Information Contact:
Amy MacKinven
GECF Coordinator
Toll Free Phone: 877.722.GECF (4323)

Department Deadlines

Dec. 4 Invasive Alien Species Partnership Program (IASPP)

Dec. 8 - Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation - Development Initiatives Program

Dec. 8 - Minister's Special License - Conservation Education W.I.S.E. Foundation's New_files/Minister's Special License. Grant Application.doc

Dec. 8 - International Bear Association

Dec. 8 - University of Alberta Conference Fund Grants

Dec. 15 - Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research - Internal Allocations - Visiting Lecturer, Post-Doctoral Recruitment Fund

Jan 5 - PrioNet Canada - Strategic Open Call III for Project Proposals
Jan. 19 - Alberta Water Research Institute - Full, Invited Proposals




NSERC Strategic Workshops Program