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Mailing address: Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta,
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Recent Publications

Murie, J.O. and Michener, G.R. (eds.). 1984. Biology of ground-dwelling squirrels: annual cycles, behavioral ecology and sociality. Univ. Nebraska Press, Lincoln, 459 pp.

Harris, M.A. and J.O. Murie. 1984. Inheritance of nest sites in female Columbian ground squirrels. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 15:97-102.

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Dobson, F.S., T.S. Rishc, and J.O. Murie. 1999. Increasing returns in the life history of Columbian ground squirrels. Journal of Animal Ecology: 68: 73-86.

St. Clair, C.C., I.G. McLean, J.O. Murie, S.M. Phillipson, and B.J.S. Studholme. (in press). Fidelity to nest site and mate in Fiordland Crested Penguins. Marine Ornithology (12 ms. pp. 1 table, 6 figures).

McLean, I.G., S.D. Kayes, J.O. Murie, L.S. Davis and D.M. Lambert (in press). Genetic monogamy mirrors social monogamy in the Fiordland Crested Penguin. New Zealand Jounral of Zooloyg. (13 ms. pp.).

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