Current Courses - Jan'99

I am on sabatical leave (January -June'99) and thus not teaching this term. I expect to be teaching Biol 207 next year. We will be revising the content, order of the lectures, and text for this course during the summer ('99).

Recent Past Courses - (1998-'99)

Biol 207 - Molecular Genetics and Heredity
*3 (fi 6) (either term, 3-0-3). The chromosomal and molecular basis for the transmission and function of genes. The construction of genetic and physical maps of genes and genomes. Strategies for the isolation of specific genes. Examples of regulatory mechanisms for the expression of the genetic material in both prokrayotes and eukaryotes. Note: Students may not obtain credit for both BIOL 207 and GENET 197. Prerequisite: BIOL 107.

Genet 375 - Introduction to Molecular Genetics Techniques
*3 (fi 6) (second term, 0-1s-6). A laboratory course in which students will be introduced to modern techniques in molecular biology. These will include cytogenetics, recombinant DNA techniques, and methods of genome analysis. Prerequisites: GENET 270, 275, MICRB 265, and a 300-level GENET course. Enrolment is limited, and registration is by permission of the Department.

Others course I have taught in the past:

In the past I have taught:


The Genetics of Higher Organisms

GENET 300/400

 Genome Organization,


 The Eukaryotic Nucleus

GENET 315/415



 Research Techniques in Molecular Genetics

GENET 407/507

 Fourth Year Research Projects


 Advanced Genetic Analysis


 Techniques in Molecular Cytogenetics


 Graduate Student Seminar (Coordinator)

Graduate Students:

I am currently looking for graduate students (Ph.D. and M.Sc.) to undertake the reserarch projects involving genetic and molecular analysis of Drosophila genes and chromosome structure.

For information on entering our graduate program see this link:

Current Graduate Students:

  1. Dan Bushey -MSc.
    A "One-hybrid screen" for the identification and recovery of genes that bind to the putative silencing sequences upstream from the ci gene. Identification of the sequences involved in the silencing of the ci gene
  2. Allen McCracken -PhD. (on temporary leave of absense)
    Identification of genes on chromosome 4.
  3. John Osborne - MSc. -
    Crossing over on a T(1;4) translocation in Drosophila melanogster. Defended October '98

Current Undergraduate Students: Biol 499

This year's Undergraduate Research Projects - Biol 499 / Biol 498 students:


Christine Walker

Using in situ hybridization to map Hobo elements in three Su(var) mutations of Drosophila melanogaster.


Camille Ferrer

In situ hybrdization of chromosome 4 probes to map the inversion on Drosophila simulans chromosome 4.

Recent Biol 499 Reserach Students/Projects


Dan Bushey

Using PCR to characterize Minute alleles at the M(4)101 locus in D. melanogaster.


Robin Mayne

Preparing for P-element mediated transformation of the RPS3a gene in Drosophila.


Chris Lee

A genetic screen for suppressors of the P-cytotype.


Aaryn Flynn

Examination of chromosome 4, the "dot" chromosome in Drosophila, using pulsd field gel electrophoresis.



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