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Student Entry Level

The majority of students entering the University of Alberta Introductory Biology courses will have taken the High School Biology curriculum developed by Alberta Education.

Biology 20 - 30

Clicking on the highlighted text will allow you to read the Alberta Education Biology 20 - 30 curriculum in an Adobe Acrobat format. On the Alberta Education site first click on 'Science', on the next page 'Programs of Study' then 'Biology 20-30'.

The curriculum opens with a Vision Statement that covers all Alberta Education Science curricula. The document then lists all the learning outcomes expected of students completing the program.

Outcomes are stated in three areas:

  1. Knowledge: the scientific information and processes that are to be learned. Knowledge is developed around six overarching themes:
  2. Skills: the identified skills are:
  3. STS Connections: students are required to demonstrate an understanding of the processes by which scientific knowledge is developed, and the interrelationships among science, technology and society.

A Global Issue?

The following link is to an Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio National broadcast on High School Biology Curricula. The transcript is from the weekly science program named Ockham's Razor.

Is Science Talent Squandered?

A link to an article in Science News Online.

Science - Far More Than Required High School Coursework

A link to an article in the Science series Essays on Science and Society

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