So, you're interested in graduate studies here at the U of A! Great!

We are always interested in excellent quality graduate students. We have a large group of first rate facilities and funding available to support graduate students in Aquatic Physiology. In addition, our Graduate Studies Office offers numerous scholarships each year to highly qualified candidates and our graduate students are highly successful in obtaining national and international award. You are encouraged to directly contact any professor(s) listed below first. If you are still interested, we can work on the formal application process for graduate studies. Contacting the professor first is your best option, it is free. Direct application through graduate studies costs $60. Please feel free to contact any of us below in advance of your application.


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Aquatic Comparative Physiology at the University of Alberta

Interested in Graduate Studies at the University of Alberta?

Check out our program at:

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Principal Investigators in Aquatic Comparative Physiology:

Dr. Greg Goss - Membrane Transport, Acid-base Regulation

Dr. John Chang - Comparative Molecular Endocrinology

Dr. Jeff Goldberg - Developmental Neurobiology

Dr. Norm Stacey - Fish reproduction/olfaction

Dr. Richard Peter - Neuroendocrine regulation

Dr. Andrew Spencer - Evolutionary Physiology/Marine Biology

Dr. Miodrag Belosevic - Immunology and infectious diseases

Contact Associate Chair of Graduate Studies ( to get an application package, printed information, or to have questions answered.