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Welcome to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the Department of Biological Sciences. Researchers in the Department apply the technologies of GIS, remote sensing, and satellite telemetry to improve or develop alternative methods used in their ecosystem and wildlife investigations.

We have staff and a GIS User Group applying GIS to ecological research. Browse through our pages to learn about what we offer and how you can get acquainted with GIS in the Biological Sciences at the U of A. If you have any questions, please check out the Q&A or contact the appropriate staff or researcher(s). The Instructions page is updated periodically and contains a wealth of information on how-to's using the software in the GIS Lab.

Equipment supplied by ACCRU.


GIS at the University of Alberta

Click here for Charlene's presentation
at the Esri Canada Regional User Group October 2012 Meeting on campus-wide info!


Also, see UofA's GIS Day or the Education page for information on other departments.


Contact: Charlene Nielsen, GIS Analyst, B414 BioSci, (780) 492-9397


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