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Kristin van Katwyk

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2011 - present, M.Sc. University of Alberta, Department of Biological Sciences 
2006 - 2010, B.Sc. Concordia University College of Alberta, Department of Biology

Thesis Title

An empirical validation of abundance and density estimators using a censused wild population. 

Project Summary
Knowledge of population size is often required for monitoring rare species, forming harvest quotas, and evaluating management strategies. A complete enumeration of a population for these purposes is rarely possible and has motivated the development of user-friendly abundance estimation programs. Despite being widely available for thirty-five years these programs have seldom been validated beyond computer simulation and enclosure studies. My research will provide an empirical validation of abundance and density estimates using a complete census of a wild North American red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) population in the Yukon Territory. The Kluane Red Squirrel Project (KRSP) has followed a red squirrel population since the late 1980's and this thorough understanding of the population is integral to ground truthing commonly implemented survey methods.

Hiking with photography, coffee with analysis, and beer with friends.
Contact Information
Kristin Van Katwyk, MSc Student 
Office: CCIS 1-274 
Phone: (780) 616-3032 


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