Dr. Larry Wang - Department of Biological Sciences, Studies in Life Sciences
University of Alberta

Dr. Lawrence C.H. Wang > Emeritus

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Room: M 456, Biological Sciences
Phone: (780) 492-4402
Fax: (780) 492-9234

Current Research Interests

The physiology of cold: 1) Ecology, physiology and biochemistry of mammalian hibernation, 2) Physiology of hypothermia, including the establishment of animal models for prolonged survival under profoundly depressed body temperature, and 3) Mechanisms of improved cold tolerance in animals and men, including the modulation of maximum heat production in cold by nutritional and pharmacological manipulations and the strategies for prevention of accidental hypothermia in man.

Since retiring in 2005, my work has been on eco-rehabilitation in the Upper Yangtze River in rural China

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