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Agnieszka (Aga) Dymowska > PhD Student
Contact Information

Phone: 492-6162
Office: Z-517

Academic Training

B.Sc.: Gdansk University of Technology, 2000
M.Sc.: University of Rhode Island, 2006

Since I can remember, Iíve always been interested in biology. When I graduated from my undergraduate studies in Poland, my home country, I realized that my true love was Physiology. My M.Sc. research that I conducted at the University of Rhode Island, USA, focused on adaptation to low temperature in Antarctic marine snail, Clione antarctica. However, after obtaining my degree, I decided to switch my interest to ion and acid/base balance in fish. Thatís why I joined the lab of Dr. Greg Goss, the expert in the field, and currently am pursuing my PhD under his supervision.

My research focuses on transport proteins present in mitochondria-rich cells in fish gill epithelium. Currently I am working on two projects. The first project investigates translocation and assembly of V-H+-ATPase in Dogfish gill epithelium during postfeeding alkalization. This project is carried out at the Bamfield Marine Station on Vancouver Island, BC. My other project investigates sodium transport in the trout gill epithelium exposed to very soft water and is carried out at the University of Alberta.

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