Checklist of Alberta THYSANOPTERA (Thrips)
B. S. Heming. June 9, 2000

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Suborder Terebrantia
	Family Aeolothripidae
		Subfamily Aeolothripinae
Aeolothrips Haliday
	A. auricestus Treherne
	A. clarus Bailey
	A. duvali Moulton
	A. fasciatus (L.)
	A. hartleyi Moulton
	A. melaleucus Haliday
	A. montanus Bailey
	A. nasturtii Jones
	A. oregonus Hood
	A. terrestris Bailey
	A. versicolor Uzel
	A. vittipennis Hood
	Family Thripidae
		Subfamily Panchaetothripinae
Heliothrips Haliday
	H. haemorrhoidalis Bouche
Hercinothrips Bagnall
	H. femoralis Reuter
Parthenothrips Uzel
	P. dracaenae Heeger 
		Subfamily Thripinae
Anaphothrips Uzel
	A. cameroni (Bagnall)
	A. obscurus (Muller)
	A. longipennis D. L. Crawford
	A. sandersoni Stannard
	Apterothrips Bagnall
	A. secticornis (Trybom)
Aptinothrips Haliday
	A. rufus (Haliday)
	A. stylifer Trybom
Baliothrips Uzel
	B. dispar (Haliday)
Belothrips Haliday
	B. morio Reuter
Chaetanaphothrips Priesner
	C. orchidii (Moulton)
Chilothrips Hood
	C. pini Hood
Chirothrips Haliday
	C. alexanderae Stannard
	C. crenulatus Hood
	C. cuneiceps Hood
	C. falsus Priesner
	C. hamatus Trybom
	C. manicatus Haliday
	C. patruelis Hood
	C. simplex Hood
	C. near molestus Priesner
	C. near productus Hood
Ctenothrips Franklin
	C. bridwelli Franklin
Frankliniella Karny
	F. acheta Hood
	F. fusca (Hinds)
	F. nubila Treherne
	F. occidentalis (Pergande)
	F. tenuicornis (Uzel)
	F. tritici (Fitch)
Limothrips Haliday
	L. consimilis Priesner
	L. denticornis Haliday
Mycterothrips Trybom
	M. albus (Moulton)
	M. betulae (J. C. Crawford)
	M. near aureus (Moulton)
Odontothrips Amyot and Serville
	O. biuncus John
	O. loti (Haliday)
Oxythrips Uzel
	O. near ajugae Uzel
	O. sp. undescribed
Taeniothrips Amyot and Serville
	T. orionis Treherne
Thrips Linnaeus
	T. aurulentus Nakahara
	T. fallaciosus Nakahara
	T. funebris Bagnall
	T. gracilis Moulton
	T. intricatus Nakahara
	T. monotropae Hood
	T. nigropilosus Uzel
	T. pini (Uzel)
	T. sieversiae Hood
	T. simplex (Morison
	T. tabaci Lindeman
	T. thalictri Hood
	T. trehernei Priesner
	T. vulgatissimus Haliday
	T. winnemanae Hood
Tmetothrips Amyot and Serville
	T. subapterus (Haliday)
Toxonothrips Moulton
	T. gramineae Moulton
		Subfamily Sericothripinae
Neohydatothrips John
	N. apicalis Hood
	N. beachae Hood
Sericothrips Haliday
	S. cingulatus Hinds
	S. near campestris Hood
	S. near zebrae Hood
Suborder Tubulifera
	Family Phlaeothripidae
		Subfamily Phlaeothripinae
Acanthothrips Uzel
	A. nodicornis (O. M. Reuter)
Cephalothrips Uzel
	C. monilicornis (O. M. Reuter)
Gynaikothrips Zimmerman
	G. ficorum Marchal
Haplothrips Amyot and Serville
	H. distalis Hood
	H. halophilus Hood
	H. kurdjumovi Karny
	H. leucanthemi (Schrank)
	H. statices (Haliday)
	H. subtilissimus Haliday
	H. verbasci (Osborn)
	H. near aculeatus (Fabricius)
	H. near cottei (Veuillet)
	H. near minutus Uzel
	H. near shacklefordae (Moulton)
	H. near xanthocrepis Hood
Hoplandrothrips Hood
	H. near mcateei Hood
Leptothrips Hood
	L. near oribatus Hood
	L. sp. undescribed
Liothrips Uzel
	L. citricornis (Hood)
	L. russelli (Hood)
Lispothrips O. M. Reuter
	L. brevicrualis (Schull)
Lissothrips Hood
	L. muscorum Hood
Stictothrips Hood
	S. maculatus Hood
Undescribed Genus near Agrothrips Jacot-Guillarmod
		Subfamily Idolothripinae
Bolothrips Priesner
	B. schafferi (Thomasson and Post)
Compsothrips Reuter
	C. yosemitae Moulton
	C. baileyi Hood
	C. near jacksoni Hood
	C. near tristis Cott
Cryptothrips Uzel
	C. rectangularis Hood
Megalothrips Uzel
	M. spinosus Hood 

The known fauna of this order in Alberta consists of 106 species in 39 genera, six subfamilies and three families (of these, 16 species and one genus are undescribed; indicated by 'near' or 'undescribed')
(see Heming (1985) for an earlier, annotated list with illustrations and comments on life history, host, area of origin, etc.). This compares with a known Canadian fauna of 185 species (143 described; 42 undescribed) in 58 genera and four families (Heming, 1979; Chiasson, 1986; Nakahara, 1994; the total fauna will probably be found to be at least 250 species in five families based upon species still unrecorded but known to occur in bordering states of the U. S.).

The known faunas of the world are 700 species for North America, 1000 for Latin America, 500 for Europe, 650 for India and 450 for Australia (Mound, 1997). The total number of species described for the world is about 5165 allocated to eight families as shown in the Table (Mound, 1997) but probably more than 8000 species (Gaston and Mound, 1993) exist based upon the rate at which new species are being described particularly from Australia, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Thysanoptera family group names and known number of species:
Suborders Families Subfamilies Total species
Terebrantia Uzelothripidae   1
  Merothripidae   15
  Aeolothripidae Aeolothripinae 210
    Melanthripinae 50
  Adiheterothripidae   5
  Fauriellidae   4
  Heterothripidae   70
  Thripidae Thripinae 1400
    Panchaetothripinae 120
    Dendrothripinae 70
    Sericothripinae 120
Tubulifera Phlaeothripidae Phlaeothripinae 2700
    Idolothripinae 600



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