Checklist of Alberta Ladybugs (Family Coccinellidae) - Posted April 26, 2006

From the upcoming book ŇLadybugs of Alberta:  Finding the Spots and Connecting the DotsÓ by John Acorn, in press, U of Alberta Press.

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The following checklist enumerates the 70 species of ladybugs presently known from Alberta.  To illustrate the progress we have made over the years, F. S. CarrŐs 1920 list included only 24 species (for northern Alberta only), including three that are no longer recognized as distinct.  This was an improvement over Charles W. LengŐs catalog of North American beetles, from the same year, in which one could find about 10 species of ladybugs that might inhabit Alberta, as part of the ŇHudsonŐs Bay Territory.Ó  In 1976, Joe Belicek listed 64 species from the province.  In the Checklist of Beetles of Canada, published in 1991, J. McNamara lists a whopping 82 species from Alberta, 11 of which I consider unsubstantiated, possibly representing errors of identification.   Is the checklist now stable?  I doubt it, but the process of refining this list will be an enjoyable one for all of us with an interest in ladybugs.  The Ňlesser ladybugsÓ in particular (in the subfamilies Sticholotinae and Scymninae) are sure to provide additional surprises.


Family Coccinellidae

Subfamily Sticholotinae

Tribe Microweisini

Micro Ladybug:  Microweisia misella (LeConte)

Subfamily Scymninae

Tribe Stethorini

American Hairy Ladybug:  Stethorus punctum (LeConte)

Tribe Scymnini

Twice-stained Ladybug:  Didion punctatum (Melsheimer)

Unstabbed Ladybug:  Didion longulum Casey

Subgenus Scymnus (Scymnus)

Apicanus Ladybug:  Scymnus apicanus Chapin

Paracanus Ladybug:  Scymnus paracanus Chapin

Opaque Ladybug:  Scymnus opaculus Horn

Subgenus Scymnus (Pullus)

Fake Opaque Ladybug:  Scymnus postpictus Casey

CarrŐs Ladybug:  Scymnus carri Gordon

Northern Name:  Scymnus aquilonarius Gordon

Lacustrine Ladybug:  Scymnus lacustris LeConte

Ornate Ladybug:  Nephus ornatus (LeConte)

GeorgeŐs Ladybug:  Nephus georgei (Weise)

Sordid Ladybug:  Nephus sordidus (Horn)

Tribe Hyperaspini

Mimic Ladybug:  Hyperaspidius mimus Casey

Signed Ladybug:  Hyperaspidius insignis Casey

Vittate Ladybug:  Hyperaspidius vittigerus (LeConte)

Hercules Ladybug:  Hyperaspidius hercules Belicek

Lugubrius Ladybug: Hyperaspis lugubris (Randall)

Lateral Ladybug:  Hyperaspis lateralis Mulsant

Fastidious Ladybug:  Hyperaspis fastidiosa Casey

Inflexible Ladybug:  Hyperaspis inflexa Casey

Postica Ladybug:  Hyperaspis postica LeConte

Oregon Ladybug:  Hyperaspis oregona Dobzhansky

Blotch-backed Ladybug:  Hyperaspis disconotata Mulsant

Undulate Ladybug:  Hyperaspis undulata (Say)

Poorly-known Ladybug:  Hyperaspis consimilis LeConte

Four-streaked Ladybug:  Hyperaspis quadrivittata LeConte

Jasper Ladybug:  Hyperaspis jasperensis Belicek

Pale Anthill Ladybug:  Brachiacantha albifrons (Say)

Ursine Anthill Ladybug:  Brachiacantha ursina (Fabricius)

Subfamily Chilocorinae

Tribe Chilocorini

Winter Ladubug:  Brumoides septentrionis (Weise)

Round Black Ladybug:  Exochomus aethiops (Bland)

Twice-stabbed Ladybug:  Chilocorus stigma (Say)

Once-squashed ladybug:  Chilocorus hexacyclus Smith

Subfamily Coccidulinae

Tribe Coccidulini

Snow Ladybug:  Coccidula lepida LeConte

Subfamily Coccinellinae

Tribe Coccinellini

Marsh Ladybug:  Anisosticta bitriangularis (Say)

Episcopalian Ladybug:  Macronaemia episcopalis (Kirby)

Thirteen-spot Ladybug:  Hippodamia tredecimpunctata (Linnaeus)

American Ladybug:  Hippodamia americana Crotch

Waterside Ladybug:  Hippodamia falcigera Crotch

Parenthesis Ladybug:  Hippodamia parenthesis (Say)

Expurgate Ladybug:  Hippodamia expurgata Casey

Five-spot Ladybug:  Hippodamia quinquesignata (Kirby)

Glacial Ladybug:  Hippodamia glacialis (Fabricius)

Sorrowful Ladybug:  Hippodamia moesta LeConte

Convergent Ladybug:  Hippodamia convergens GuŽrin

Colonel CaseyŐs Ladybug:  Hippodamia caseyi Johnson

Boulder Ladybug:  Hippodamia oregonensis Crotch

Sinuate Ladybug:  Hippodamia sinuata Mulsant

Flying saucer ladybug:  Anatis rathvoni (LeConte)

Le ConteŐs Ladybug:  Anatis lecontei Casey

Western Eyespot Ladybug:  Anatis mali (Say)

Streaked Ladybug:  Myzia pullata (Say)

Subvittate Ladybug:  Myzia subvittata (Mulsant)

Polkadot Ladybug:  Calvia quatuordecimguttata (Linnaeus)

Two-spot Ladybug:  Adalia bipunctata (Linnaeus)

Three-banded Ladybug:  Coccinella  trifasciata Mulsant

Transverse Ladybug:  Coccinella  transversoguttata Faldeman

Seven-spot Ladybug:  Coccinella  septempunctata Linnaeus

Nine-spot Ladybug:  Coccinella  novemnotata Herbst

High-country Ladybug:  Coccinella  alta Brown

Boreal Ladybug:  Coccinella monticola Mulsant

Hieroglyphic Ladybug:  Coccinella  hieroglyphica Linnaeus

Polished Ladybug:  Cycloneda polita Casey

Harlequin Ladybug:  Harmonia axyridris (Pallas)

Painted Ladybug:  Mulsantina picta (Randall)

Hudsonian Ladybug:  Mulsantina hudsonica (Casey)

Wee-tiny Ladybug:  Psyllobora vigintimaculata (Say)