Gary G. Anweiler

Mailing Address: 7212 103 Ave. Edmonton, AB. T6A 0V1

Phone: (780) 468-2916


I like to describe myself as "rabid macro-moth enthusiast". My interests are focused mainly the Alberta macro-moth fauna, and in particular the Noctuoidea.

Summers are devoted to collecting Lepidoptera, in particular in the poorly sampled or neglected habitats of the province such the bogs and fens, sandy and dune areas, badlands and grasslands, as part of the "Alberta Moth Project" of the Alberta Lepidopterists' Guild (ALG). In the off-season I am mainly involved in curating and databasing the Lepidoptera collection in of the Strickland Museum, and in building the Lepidoptera component of the Virtual Museum. I also have a long-term research interest in the speciation and taxonomy of the North American members of the noctuid genus Panthea. In conjunction with several other members of ALG, I am working on an updated Annotated Checklist of the Lepidoptera of Alberta, with responsibility for the Noctuidae section.

I am a founding member, Past President and Director of the Alberta Lepidopterists' Guild, a member of the Lepidoptera Sub-committee of COSEWIC, and a Vice-President elect of the Lepidopterists’ Society.

Having recently retired, I can now devote most of my time to Lepidoptera-related activities.

last modified: March 17, 2004

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