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Annual Strickland Memorial Lecture

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At the University of Alberta, Edmonton, on Friday, March 21st, 2014. 
Refreshments at 3:05 pm, Strickland Lecture at 3:30-4:30 pm in room 3-27 in the Earth Sciences Building. 
The lecture will be given by: 
Dr. Richard L. Lindroth 
Department of Entomology 
University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Madison, Wisconsin 
Lindroth lab 
Chemistry and ecology of aspen: molecules, herbivores and ecosystems. 
Quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) is a quintessential foundation species in forests throughout much of North America. The evolutionary and ecological success of this remarkable species is intimately linked to its secondary chemistry, principally salicylate phenolic glycosides and condensed tannins. Aspen exhibits striking phenotypic variation in secondary chemistry; foliar levels of the dominant constituents range from 1 to 20% leaf dry weight. This variation is due primarily to genetic, ontogenetic and environmental factors, and interactions among them. Allocation to production of phenolic glycosides and tannins exacts a cost to growth in aspen, especially in young trees. Costs themselves are environmentally influenced, with greater costs incurred in resource (light, nutrients) deficient environments. Marked developmental changes in defense strategies indicate that different types of herbivores (insects and mammals) and physiological constraints in aspen have shaped developmental variation in herbivore defense strategies. At higher levels of biological organization and function, the secondary chemistry of aspen and related poplars has been shown to structure insect and soil microbial communities, and to influence nutrient cycling. Clonal reproduction of aspen, coupled with genetic differences in secondary chemistry, thus contribute to a geographic mosaic of community assemblage and ecosystem function at the landscape level. Research now underway will explore the genes underlying the aspen "phenome" and their respective role in genes-to-ecosystems ecology.
Annual Strickland Dinner 2014: 
Friday March 21st, 2014, following the Strickland Lecture. 
Main Dining Room, The University Faculty Club, Saskatchewan Drive. 
Cocktails (No-Host Bar) at 5:00 pm, supper to follow at 6:00 pm. 
Dinner Choices (Main Course) and costs: 
Salad: Greek (dairy free). 
Entrees: 1 of: 
1. French style pork chops 
2. Baked filet of salmon 
3. Vegetarian lasagna - this comes with its own option for desserts (Fresh fruit cup and fresh berries). 
$40.00 full rate, $35.00 student rate. 
Reservations may be made through Jessamyn Manson 
email: ( phone: 780 492-6391 
Reservations (including choice(s) of main course 
should be made via email to hold places, but please 
mail your cheques made out to University of Alberta, 
deadline is March 17th, 2014. 
   Jessamyn Manson 
   Department of Biological Sciences 
   CW-405 Biological Sciences Building 
   University of Alberta 
   Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E9 
or cash delivered to Jessamyn at: 
   B522 Biological Sciences Building.
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