University of Alberta

Services and Sample Preparation Equipment

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Sample preparation for Light Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy
Paraffin Histology for Light Microscopy
Plastic Sectioning for Light Microscopy
Ultra-thin Plastic Sectioning for Transmission Electron Microscopy
Individualized training in microscopy techniques and equipment use

Sample Preparation Equipment for Client Use

Leica TP1020 Tissue Processor for the preparation of Paraffin Embedded Tissues
Microtome for Paraffin sectioning (Leica RM 2125)
Microtome for Paraffin and JB-4 sectioning (Leica RM 2235)
Ultra-microtome for TEM sectioning (Reichert UltraCut E)
Fume hoods are available for sample processing and slide/section staining
Frozen sectioning (Tissue-Tek II Cryostat)
Ovens for drying and curing resin
Knife sharper (AO steel knife sharpener)  
Sputter Coater, Hummer 6.2
Basic compound and dissecting light microscopes are available in addition to high quality microscopes with digital cameras (see Imaging Equipment).


Last Modified: 2014-12-02