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How to print a poster (PC)

Some notes before you begin

  • Please ensure that your poster is 3 inches smaller in both height and width than your desired printed area. This will ensure that your poster does not get cut off by the printer borders. For example if your desired poster size is 39 in x 51 in, set the page size of your poster to be 36 in x 48 in (ARCH E). Powerpoint is not able to make posters larger then 53",  so if you need a poster larger then this, please contact us.

  • Printing a poster from your own PC requires the installation of specific printer drivers. If you have not yet done so, please visit AICT to download and install the correct driver according to your system. These drivers have already been installed on the DiTRL computers.

  • Printing to the 42" wide plain paper plotter costs $7.50/linear foot

  • Printing to the 42" wide glossy paper plotter costs $15.00/linear foot

  • Printing to the 54" wide plain paper plotter costs $15.00/linear foot

    To Print :
  1. Install the printer driver for HPZ6100

  2. Open your poster.

  3. File >> Print

    Select HP Z6100 as your printer.

  4. Select Properties

  5. A new window labelled 'Document Properties' should appear. Select advanced.

  6. A new window labelled 'Advanced Options' should appear, click 'Edit Custom Page Size', a new window labelled 'Custom Page Size Definition' should appear, here the paper size must be changed to the appropriate type. If your poster is 3ft x 4ft please change the paper size as follows (This is the most common poster size). 

  7. Select Ok to all above windows.

  8. Save the printer file. This is the actual file that will be sent to AICT via your web browser. Please ensure that the file is named with the file extension '.prn' or '.ps'.

  9. Find your '.prn' or '.ps' file. Right Click. Select 'Convert to Adobe PDF'.

    This will create a PDF version of your poster and is for viewing purposes only. The plotter at AICT will print exactly what is seen in this PDF; therefore, any errors that may occur will appear here. Some common problems are:

    • poster edges have been cut off

    • figures have been distorted

    • symbols do not appear

    If you are completely satisfied with your poster please proceed to step 9. If you have found an error that you wish to correct, you must go back and edit the ORGINAL poster (powerpoint document) and then repeat steps 1-8.

  10. Go to the AICT plotter upload login page and login in with your CCID.
  11. Follow the instructions listed on this page. Please ensure that you upload your '.ps' or '.prn' file and NOT your '.pdf'.

  12. After the upload you will be brought to another page. Preview your poster one last time by selecting 'Preview Wide Format Print'.

  13. You will be brought to another page where you will see a preview of your poster. Here you can click your mouse to zoom in or zoom out of your uploaded file.

  14. Select which printer you would like to print to. For a 3ft x 4ft (most common) select 'Print to plain Printer (36" wide paper)' Make sure that if your poster is wider then 33" you print to the 54" plotter.

  15. Select 'Yes Please Plot my File'.

    Your poster has now been sent to the plotter at AICT. You may pick it up at GSB 302.

    If you need any extra assistance, please ask one of our technicians (B-426, 492-0846)

Last Modified: 2012-03-12