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The MBSU is a central facility, in the Department of Biological Sciences that provides research support for a range of molecular biology techniques. Our goal is to provide access to equipment for experienced users and to provide a training environment in which departmental members can acquire and use molecular biology techniques. To keep the costs as low as possible while accommodating both types of users, a flexible fee schedule has been set up in which the fees reflect the level of training and technical support required. At present we provide the following services and training: DNA sequencing, DNA fragment size analysis, quantitative PCR, oligonucleotide synthesis, and biolistic transformation. We offer training and support for a range of molecular biology techniques. The facility runs on a cost recovery basis. All equipment is paid for through grant funding. Although the department contributes funds for personnel support the current the fee structure must cover the remainder of labor costs, as well as all supply costs, and the costs of equipment maintenance.  The ultimate goal of the facilities fee structure is to cover all personel costs and maintain the facility's equipment in a functional, ready to use state. Although this facility is primarily for use by members of the department of Biological Sciences, outside users may be able to use the facility. The cost will be greater, reflecting cost recovery of departmental and university support for the facility, and priority of access will be given to members of the department.
Last Modified: 2013-02-04