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Anyone in the Department of Biological Sciences may attend free short courses as they are offered throughout the year, with priority given to students, faculty, and staff using GIS in their research. The first place courses are announced is on the GIS User Group email list.

On-line learning is available at ESRI Self Study (Virtual Campus) Online Training, with free modules in some of the courses... check it out at and contact for the UofA subscription course access codes.

There are many other options available if you wish to learn more about GIS and how to use the software. The following is a list of GIS-related courses offered at the University of Alberta (alphabetically by Department) that you may wish to take for credit to further your knowledge and skills:


Biological Sciences




Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • CIV E 250 Plane Surveying


Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

  • EAS 221 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing *
  • (deleted 07/08) EAS 325 Digital Mapping and Terrain Modelling
  • EAS 351 Environmental Applications of Geographical Information Systems *
  • EAS 451 Digital Remote Sensing
  • EAS 452 Topics in Earth Observation Science
  • (deleted 12/13) EAS 492/592 Geographical Information Systems for Social Science
  • HGP 470/570 Geographical Information Systems and Advanced Cartography for Social Science *
  • EAS 523 Advanced Topics in Earth Observation Science


Humanities Computing

  • HUCO 500 Survey of Humanities Computing
  • HUCO 520 Technical Concepts and Approaches in Humanities Computing
  • HUCO 616 Multimedia in the Humanities


Renewable Resources

  • REN R 201 Introduction to Geomatic Techniques in Forestry *
  • REN R 410 Principles of Remote Sensing
  • REN R 426 Geographical Information Systems Applications in Renewable Resources *
  • REN R 496 Conservation Planning *
  • REN R 690 Applied Multivariate and Spatial Statistics



Additional courses in Edmonton:

To obtain advanced GIS-specific credentials, you may be interested in the following really good programs outside of Edmonton:

This web page lists the resources for higher educational institutions with GIS programs.


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