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GIS Analyst

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Charlene Nielsen, M.Sc., GIS Analyst

Phone: 780-492-9397
Office: B414 (4th floor of Botany Wing in BioSci building)

The GIS Analyst is available to collaborate, consult, and advise students/faculty/staff on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the Department of Biological Sciences. If you need GIS-related help:


  • Spatial analyses and modelling
  • Assist in project design/development
  • Programming
  • Image classification
  • Management of digital spatial data
  • Publication-quality map figures
Software Support
  • ArcGIS, Arc/Info, ArcView
  • Other GIS-related software
  • Liason with IT and network staff
  • Monitor/manage the GIS Lab
  • Develop and prepare course lab assignments, short courses, and workshops
  • One-on-one consultation
  • Create maps and geovisuals for lectures and labs
  • Guest lecture
About Charlene
Charlene Nielsen attended the University of Calgary where she completed an MSc Geography in 2001, with specialization in GIS and Remote Sensing. Her thesis entitled "Habitat Structure and Fragmentation of Grizzly Bear Management Units and Home Ranges in the Alberta Yellowhead Ecosystem" was part of the Foothills Model Forest Grizzly Bear Research Project in West-Central Alberta. Her interdisciplinary research project, supervised by Dr. Mryka Hall-Beyer, integrated GIS, remote sensing, spatial statistics, wildlife ecology, and landscape ecology.

Charlene has been a teaching assistant for really cool courses in Mapping and Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Analytical Methods in Geography (statistics), and Remote Sensing of the Environment. She has had opportunities to do presentations or workshops at ESRI International User Conferences, ESRI Canada Regional User Group Meetings, GeoAlberta, International Congress for Conservation Biology, US-International Association for Landscape Ecology, International Bear Association, Plant Canada, and UofA’s GIS Day.

Originally from the West Kootenays in B.C., Charlene grew up hiking, canoeing, and skiing (both downhill and cross-country) in and around the spectacular Columbia Mountains. Her favorite activities include spending time with her family, water and mountain activities, and travelling.

Charlene’s collaborative role as GIS Analyst involves analyzing research problems and developing GIS solutions for upwards of 60 graduate students and faculty, providing teaching support for courses, developing and instructing GIS workshops, and managing the BioSciences GIS Lab. Her skills include vegetation and landcover mapping, landscape metric calculation, watershed and wetland modelling, movement and dispersal (e.g. home range and distance analyses), habitat selection, and scenario modelling. Her duties include spatial analyses/modelling, programming, managing spatial data, developing workshops/short courses, one-on-one consultation, and maintaining resources for the GIS User Group in the Department.


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