These images of larval black fly heads (mainly of Inseliellum) were produced in two ways. Some (Old) were taken using a Carl Zeiss "Tessovar" macroscope, but the problem with that instrument is, while it produces good resolution and depth of focus at intermediate magnifications, at higher magnifications, to achieve good depth of focus, resolution had to be compromised. Still, results for larger larval heads are adequate. Others (New) were taken with a Wild M20, compound research microscope using 3X and 6X objectives. These produce excellent resolution, but the depth of focus is shallow. So, a series of exposures at different foci were taken. The slides were then scanned and the portions in focus on each slide were cut and pasted together, using Adobe Photoshop, to produce an image with superb resolution and depth of focus. Care had to be taken to keep the exposure exactly the same for each photograph. The images here suffer from small size and compression - the originals are stunning! A couple of other pictures are included as well.

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