Botany 431 - Physiological Plant Ecology

Generating Self-Assessment Criteria

II. As a Class

This exercise allows the whole class to develop a common set of criteria to use in a self-assessment exercise. A later exercise will allow individuals to develop their own criteria by building on what they learn from this class activity.

The point of the exercise is to, as a class, identify, discuss and agree on a common set of assessment criteria. Estimating the effort expended in doing a piece of work is not a valid criterion.

  1. On your own, spend 10 minutes identifying as many criteria as you can that you think are important in an assessment of your own work.

    Satisfactory criteria should include information about:

    1. the area to be assessed,

    2. the aims to be pursued,

    3. the standards to be reached.

    As you conduct this portion of the exercise ask yourself some questions. How would I distinguish good from poor work in this subject? What would be the factors which characterize a good assignment in this course?

    There is a final question you should ask yourself. Are the criteria spelled out at a level to enable the person making the judgement to know the extent to which the criteria have been met?

  2. In turn you will be invited to name a criterion which will be written up by Sara. She will continue to write up criteria until all contributions are listed. No discussion or clarification is permitted at this point.

  3. In small groups you will spend 15 minutes selecting and ranking the three to five most important criteria for your group. Each group will write up and present its conclusions to the whole class. There will be no discussion of the rankings at this time but questions of clarification are encouraged.

  4. When all group rankings have been presented, the whole class will reach a consensus on the major criteria in an unranked list. The class will also decide the proportion or weighting of the assessment that should be allotted to each criterion. This final weighted list will be recorded by Sara and circulated to the class before a self-assessment exercise.

  5. When the next exercise is conducted, include your completed self- assessment scheme. Assign a mark to each of the weighted criteria and write a statement to justify each mark.

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