Botany 431 - Physiological Plant Ecology


The assessment of different aspects of your work will be done by a variety of individuals. They include:

This may require you to develop skills that you may not have needed before or to make explicit things that you have previously done implicitly. For example, when you search out information in the library what is your approach? You probably have developed a routine but have you examined it?

What is self-assessment?

Self assessment is the involvement of students in: Self assessment does not mean that you will work in isolation. It is a way for you to become involved in assessing your own performance, it is also a supplement to my assessment of your work. This means there must be some characteristics of a good piece of work. If you are only following my outline on what is good and bad you are only carrying out self-marking or self-testing. The real aim here is for you to become involved in defining what is a good piece of work for you in any given situation.

Why are we introducing self-assessment?

To allow you to develop the necessary skills to: To allow effective learning by letting you:

How will the Information be Used?

Initially, until you are comfortable with the process, your assessment of your own work will only be shared with me. I will discuss your conclusions and any future strategies with you only. In later work you will have to think about how to incorporate your assessment of your own work into a peer evaluation of how your groups have worked.

You will be asked to give a mark to your own work. It will be compared with my evaluation. A mark will only be awarded when we are within 10% of each other's assessment, outside that range we will discuss the difference. Within that range the student mark will count.

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