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Dr. D.J. Gifford
Office, Biological Sciences Building, CW-468
Telephone, 492-5463
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D.L. Wakeford
Office, Biological Sciences Building, M-330A
Telephone, 492-9597


A survey of the biology and historical uses of important drug-producing plants. An evaluation of the chemistry of biologically active compounds from poisons, allergenic, analgesic, and hallucinogenic plants, and the current uses of such plant products in modern scientific research. Use of plant biotechnology to develop drug-producing plants.


During this course I will introduce you to some of the chemicals found in plants that have been used, and are currently being used, by human populations. All of the chemicals that I will discuss have had, and continue to have, a profound effect on social behavior and medical practice. Where possible, I will also try to evaluate the roles played by these chemicals in plant survival and adaptation.

While this is a plant biology course, the nature of the subject requires that I draw information from many other areas of science. These will include chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology, human physiology, and pharmacology, to name a few. Because of the large enrollment in this course, I recognize that as a group of students you have very diverse backgrounds; I will assume the minimum, therefore. That said, I remind you that this is a 300 level course, and you will be expected to make up any real deficiency on your own.


The following are some of the topics that I will cover during the course


Date Location % of final mark
First mid-term exam February 5 TL B-1 25
Second mid-term exam March 14 TL B-1 25
Final exam April 22 TBA 50
Deferred final exam* May 15 BS M-330 50

Each exam will be comprehensive and will comprise questions that will require written answers

Each exam will cover all of the material up to and including the lecture preceding it. The two mid-term exams will be 60 minutes in length. The final exam will be two hours in length.

*Deferred final exam

A student who has missed a final examination because of illness or domestic affliction or who is obliged to be absent from a final examination for some other compelling reason (including religious convictions) may apply for a deferred final examination. To do this, students must go to the Faculty of Science Office (CW223 - Biological Sciences Bldg.) with a Medical Statement from University Health Services (and Doctor's note), statutory declaration, or other appropriate documentation. The student should contact Donna Wakeford 48 hours prior to the deferred exam to confirm date, time and location in case there are any last minute changes. Anyone with a valid excuse for missing the scheduled deferral date should contact Donna Wakeford and will have to re-apply for the regular deferred examination period in mid-July. For complete information on examinations please consult pages 66 to 69 of the 2001/2002 Calendar. The date for the deferred final examination in BOT 380 is Wednesday May 15, 2002 at 9:00 am in Bio Sci M 330.

This is the only date and time for the deferred final exam for BOT 380

Additional notes

Exam Remarking

  1. Return the exam to Dr. Gifford’s mailbox in the Bio-Sci faculty mailroom (CW 405A).
  2. Indicate on the exam which question(s) you would like remarked.
  3. E-mail Dr. Gifford telling him you have dropped off your exam for remarking; include your ID number in the e-mail message.
  4. After remarking, Dr. Gifford will let you know by e-mail whether your mark increased, remained the same, or decreased; this information will be copied to Ms Wakeford.
  5. The remarked exam will be returned to M 330 where you can pick it up.

Note: The following remarking deadlines apply for 2002:

Mid-term 1 February 28
Mid-term 2 April 4


Because of the very diverse nature of the material covered in this course, there is no suitable text. Reource information is contained under the following headings.