Exam Questions from 2001

Studying from old exams is an absolutely horrible idea.  These exams are being posted solely to help you learn the types of questions I am likely to ask on your exams, rather than as a guide to what you need to know.  Do not get stressed when you can not answer all these questions, and do not get overconfident when you can.  The order of topics, as well as specific topics covered, vary from year to year.  I will also emphasize different aspects of the same topic from year to year.  The questions on your actual exams will reflect those changes in emphasis and order, rather than that of years past.

"Answers" to those questions on the 2001 exams which are in fact relevant to this term's lectures  will be found in your course notes, the readings, and in your head.  Providing them in a fourth format would be quite redundant.

Click below for a pdf file of the exams:

Midterm Exam

Final Exam