Biology 633 Advanced Techniques in Biology

BIOL 633

Advanced Techniques in Biology
*1 (fi 2) (either term, 0-2s-0). This course will cover specialized topics of current interest to graduate students in Biological Sciences with an emphasis on learning new research skills. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor. Credit for this course may be obtained more than once.

View an animation produced from images collected on Biological Sciences Confocal Microscope.

The animation (1.7 MB) Drosophila Embryoshows a Drosophila embryo as it develops from syncytial mitotic cycle 10 to gastrulation. Nuclei appear green due to the presence of a histoneH3-GFP transgene. Frames were collected once every minute for a period of approximately 2.5 hours.

Thanks to Dr. Rob Saint (University of Adelaide) for the transgenic flies and to Don Price, who works in the lab of Dr. Shelagh Campbell who prepared the animation.

MODULES (For Credit)

WORKSHOPS (Not for Credit)

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