Confocal Microscopy

Dates & Times: TBA Fall Term 2001 and Winter Term 2002

Instructor: Rakesh Bhatnagar Telephone: (780) 492-3298 Email:

Course content:

  • principles of confocal microscopy, fluorescence excitation and emission signals for one photon confocal scanning,
  • sample preparation methods including immunocytochemistry and various fluorescence molecular probes,
  • operation of Molecular Dynamics Multiprobe 2001 confocal system,
  • hands on training on Imagespace II software on SGI workstation with Unix operating system,
  • single and double label scanning, optical sectioning, co-localization, measurement of fluorescence intensities, analysis of images, 3D image reconstruction, handling various image formats and stacks, network import/export data.

Course format: 21hr laboratory instruction including in-depth coverage of the theoretical aspects related to the lab. exercises. Demonstrations using standard samples. Students are encouraged to work on their own research samples, collect data, analyze data, and interpret results.