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Biology 606 (2002)
Current Problems in Systematics and Evolution


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Jan. 14 3 PM Chelsea Hermus Does morphological complexity increase over evolutionary time? McShea, D.W. 1993. Evolutionary change in the morphological complexity of the mammalian vertebral column. Evolution 47:730-740.
  4 PM Jayson Gillespie Problems arising from long branches in phylogenetic analyses: Attraction and repulsion Siddall, M.E. and M. F. Whiting. 1999. Long-branch abstractions. Cladistics 15: 924.
Jan. 21 3:30 PM Jeff Greeniaus Life on Mars? Evidence from the fossil record Friedmann, E.I., J. Wierzchos, C. Ascaso, and M. Winklhoferi. 2001. Chains of magnetite crystals in the meteorite ALH84001: Evidence of biological origin. PNAS 98:21762181.
  4:30 PM Timon Bullard Dollo's Law: Is evolution reversible? Teotonio, H. and M. R. Rose. 2000. Variation in the reversibility of evolution. Nature 408:453-456.
Jan. 28 3:30 PM Tara Macdonald Broadcasting, brooding and body size: A marine invertebrate life history mystery Strathmann, R.R., M.F. Strathmann and R.H. Emson. 1984. Does limited brood capacity link adult size, brooding, and simultaneous hermaphroditism? A test with the starfish Asterina phylactica. American Naturalist 123(6): 796-818
  4:30 PM Lisa Budney And nothing but the tooth: the origin of vertebrate dentitions Smith, M.M., Sansom, I.J. and M.P. Smith. 1996. 'Teeth' before armour: The earliest vertebrate mineralized tissues. Modern Geology 20:303-319.
Feb. 4 3 PM Veronique Campbell The use of SINEs in phylogenetic analysis Nikaido, M. et al. 2001. Retroposon analysis of major cetacean lineages: The monophyly of toothed whales and the paraphyly of river dolphins. PNAS 98:73847389
  4 PM Lesley George Inferring growth rates in dinosaurs and fossil birds Padian K., A.J. de Ricqles and J.R. Horner. 2001. Dinosaurian growth rates and bird origins. Nature. 412:405-8
Feb. 11 3 PM Stephanie Pierce Metamorphosis: origins of the insect mid-life crisis Trueman, J.W. and L.M. Riddiford. 1999. The origins of insect metamorphosis. Nature 401: 447-452
  4 PM Jeff Saarella The Evolution of Taxonomy: Phylogenetic Nomenclature in the 21st Century Cantino, P. D., R. G. Olmstead, and S. J. Wagstaff. 1997. A comparison of phylogenetic nomenclature with the current system: a botanical case study. Syst. Biol. 46: 313-331.
Feb. 25 3 PM Kerry Marchinko The evolution of sexual dimorphism: sexual vs. natural selection Szekely, T., Reynolds, J. D., Figuerola, J. 2000. Sexual size dimorphism in shorebirds, gulls, and alcids: The influence of sexual and natural selection. Evolution 54: 1404-1413.
  4 PM Jayson Gillespie Can Maximum Likelihood be Used to Estimate Phylogenies from Morphological Data? Lewis, P.O. 2001. A likelihood approach to estimating phylogeny from discrete morphological character data. Systematic Biology 50(6): 913-925
Mar. 4 3 PM Veronique Campbell Lineage sorting and coalescence in phylogenetic analysis Takahashi, K. et al 2001. Phylogenetic relationships and ancient incomplete lineage sorting among cichlid fishes in Lake Tanganyika as revealed by analysis of the insertion of retroposons Mol. Biol. Evol. 18(11):20572066
  4 PM Jeff Greeniaus When Fish Grew Legs: The Origin of Tetrapods Ahlberg, P.E. & Z. Johanson. 1998. Osteolepiforms and the ancestry of tetrapods. Nature 395: 792-794.
Mar. 11 3 PM Dr. Brian K. Hall
(Dalhousie Univ.;
guest lecture)
The relationships between development and evolution
NOTE ROOM CHANGE: BioSciences G116
Robert, J.S., B. K. Hall & W. M. Olson. 2001. Bridging the gap between developmental systems theory and evolutionary developmental biology. BioEssays 23:954-962.
Mar. 18 3 PM Kerry Marchinko The evolution of mutualistic symbioses Ewald, P. W. 1987. Transmission modes and evolution of the parasitism-mutualism continuum. Annals of the New York Academy of Science 503:295-306
  4 PM Jeff Saarela Phylogeography and Gene Genealogies: Looking at Genes in Space and Time Olsen, K. M., & B. A. Schaal. 1999. Evidence on the origin of cassava: Phylogeography of Manihot esculenta. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 96: 5586-5591.
Mar. 25 3 PM Stephanie Pierce Evolution of endothermy: The hot-blooded truth about the cold-hard facts Ruben, J., 1995. The evolution of endothermy in mammals and birds: From physiology to fossils. Annual review of physiology. 57: 69-95
  4 PM Lisa Budney Is it time to end the oppression of behavioural phylogenies? Paterson, A.M., G.P. Wallis and R.D. Gray. 1995. Penguins, petrels and parsimony: does cladistic analysis of behavior reflect seabird phylogeny. Evolution 49(5): 974-989.
Apr. 1     (no class; Easter Monday  
Apr. 8 3 PM Tara Macdonald The Plantae/Fungi/Metazoa trichotomy Loytynoja, A. and M.C. Milinkovitch. 2001. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the mitochondrial ADP-ATP carriers: The Plantae/Fungi/Metaozoa trichotomy revisited. PNAS 98(18): 10202-10207
  4 PM Lesley George The birds and the bees: Pollinator syndromes and the most effective pollinator principle Mayfield, M.M., N.M. Waser and M.V. Price. 2001. Exploring the 'most effective pollinator principle' with complex flowers: bumblebees and Ipomopsis aggregata. Annals of Botany 88:591-6
Apr. 15 3 PM Timon Bullard A history of recapitulation: from Greece to Gould Lovejoy, N. 2000. Reinterpreting recapitulation: Systematics of needlefishes and their allies (Teleostei: Beloniformes). Evolution 54: 1349-1362
  4 PM Chelsea Hermus Divergence dating & biogeography: making the most of the molecular clock Kumazawa, Y. & M. Nishida. 2000. Molecular Phylogeny of Osteoglossoids: A New Model for Gondwanian Origin and Plate Tectonic Transportation of the Asian Arowana. Mol. Bol. Evol. 17(12):1869-1878

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