Newsletter of the Biological Survey of Canada (Terrestrial Arthropods)

Volume 27 No. 1, Spring 2008


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Bio-Blitz 2008

The first curation blitz

Biological Survey of Canada symposium

Summary of the Scientific
Committee meeting    

Insects of the Yukon price

BSC Vision document

Project Update: Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

First record of Armadillidium vulgare from Quebec

Web site notes

The biodiversity of beetles in the Maritime provinces

Arctic Corner

Historical changes in the biodiversity of Muscidae and Fanniidae of Churchill

Impacts to the invertebrate community structure of aquatic systems in Nunavut

Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago published

Selected future conferences

List of Requests for Material or Information



The BSC BioBlitzes began in 2001 as an initiative of the Arthropods of Canadian Grasslands subcommittee, although they were not called BioBlitzes at that time. It was envisaged that a series of field excursions to different prairie ecozones would be made by entomologists with interests in prairie insects and related arthropods. The main, long-term goal of these gatherings was to generate collections of arthropods in selected prairie habitats to help to document the fauna. It was also hoped that participants would exchange and share information and observations about various taxonomic groups, field tactics and techniques. The annual BSC BioBlitz is no longer exclusively associated with a specific project of the Survey but the location is now chosen in a more general framework to help increase the scientific knowledge of the arthropods of an area. The idea of Collection Bioblitzes to encourage members of the entomological community to gather at an under-curated collection and assess and identify the material began in 2007 with the first Curation Bioblitz held on 1 October 2007 during the joint annual meeting of the Entomological Society of Canada and the Entomological Society of Saskatchewan.

Reports from all of the BioBlitzes have now been amalgamated onto one web page. See or follow the link on the Scientific Projects Summary page.


Database of entomologists
The Biological Survey facilitates cooperation among entomologists is by maintaining a list of personnel on individuals interested in the systematics and faunistics of the terrestrial arthropods of Canada. This information is available as a searchable database on our website. We solicited updates earlier this year from those who have entries in the database. If you have not yet replied, or if you would like to submit a new entry we encourage you to use the online form provided on the web site or simply provide the relevant information via email or regular post.

The introduction to the database and links for the listings can be found at






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