Newsletter of the Biological Survey of Canada (Terrestrial Arthropods)

Volume 25 No. 2, Fall 2006


Selected Future Conferences

General information and editorial notes

News and Notes:

Bio-Blitz 2006

Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification

Summary of the Scientific Committee meeting

Project Update: Briefs and Similar Documents Prepared by the BSC

Lost Collections – Fate or Fault

The Quiz Page

Canadian Perspectives: Life-cycle Types in the Arctic

Web site notes

Arctic Corner

Update on some Insect Biodiversity Activities in the Arctic during 2006

Invertebrate Community Structure in Lakes of the Central Canadian Arctic

Selected future conferences

Quips and Quotes

Requests for Material or Information Invited



Entomological Society of Canada 
18-22 Nov. Montreal, QC with la Société d’entomologie du Québec;

2007, 30 Sept. - 3 Oct. Saskatoon, SK with the Entomological Society of Saskatchewan

2008 Ottawa, ON with the Entomological Society of Ontario

Entomological Society of America 
2006, 10–14 Dec. Indianapolis, IN ESA, 9301 Annapolis Rd., Lanham, MD 20706-3115;

2007, 9-13 Dec. San Diego, CA ESA, see above

6th International Congress of Dipterology
2006, 23–28 Sept, Fukuoka, Japan,

3rd International Congress on Phthiraptera, 
, 16-20 Oct., Buenos Aires, Argentina,

The Coleopterists Society
2006, 12 Dec., Indianapolis, Indiana,

International Congress of Entomology
2008, 6-12 July, Durban, South Africa,


OTHER SUBJECTS (especially those relevant to Survey projects)

North American Benthological Society,
2007, 3-8 June, Columbia, SC,

International Symposium on the Environmental Physiology of Ectotherms and Plants
, 1-6 July, Dunedin, New Zealand,



Entomological Society of British Columbia,
2006, 13-14 Oct., Richmond, BC,

Entomological Society of Alberta,
2006, 26-28 Oct., Lethbridge, AB,

Entomological Society of Manitoba,
2006, 14 Oct., Winnipeg, MB,

Société d’entomologie du Québec,
, 18-22 Nov., with ESC,


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