Newsletter of the Biological Survey of Canada (Terrestrial Arthropods)

Volume 21,  No. 1, Spring 2002


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Entomological Conferences

Entomological Society of Canada 
Winnipeg, MB. (with the Entomological Society of Manitoba) 
Organizing Committee Chair, Don Dixon (204-945-3861,; Robert Lamb, Program Subcommittee Chair,

British Columbia. 
P. de Groot,

Entomological Society of America 
17-20 Nov. Fort Lauderdale, FL
ESA, 9301 Annapolis Rd., Lanham, MD 20706-3115;

26-30 Oct., Cincinnati, OH, ESA,  see above

5e Conference Internationale Francophone d’Entomologie (CIFE) and Société d’entomologie du Québec 
2002, 14-18 July 
Montréal, Québec. 
Secrétariat CIFE 2002, a/s Dr. Daniel Coderre, Département des Sciences Biologiques, Université du Québec à Montréal, Québec, H3C 3P8

4th International Conference on Ticks and Tick-borne Pathogens
2002, 21-26 July
Banff, Alberta
TTP4 Conference Secretariat, Department of Biological Sciences, CW-405 Biological Sciences Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, T6G 2E9, 780-492-1279, 

5th International Conference of Hymenopterists
2002, 22-26 July
Beijing, China.
Chao-dong ZHU, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, Haidian, Zhongguancun Road 19#, P. R. China;

11th International Auchenorrhyncha Congress
2002, 5-9 August 
Prof. Dr Hannelore Hoch, Museum für Naturkunde, Humboldt-Universität, Institut für Systematische Zoologie, Invalidenstrasse 43, D-10115 Berlin Germany

XI International Congress of Acarology
2002, 8-13 Sept.
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

5th International Congress of Dipterology
2002. 29 Sept. - 4 Oct.
Brisbane, Australia.

VIIth European Congress of Entomology
2002, 7-13 Oct.
Thessaloniki, Greece.
Symposium Secretariat: Laboratory of Applied Zoology and Parasitology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 540 06 Thessaloniki Greece;

XXII International Congress of Entomology 
2004, 15-20 Aug.
Brisbane, Australia. Jim Cullen, CSIRO Entomology,
Myron Zalucki, University of Queensland, Australia


Collections / Museums / Systematics

Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections Annual Meeting
2002, 8-13 May 
Montreal, Quebec. Jean-Marc Gagnon, Canadian Museum of Nature, P.O. Box 3443, Station D, Ottawa, ON K1P 6P4;

Natural Science Collections Alliance Annual Meeting
(formerly the Association of Systematics Collections)
2002, 6-9 June
Washington, DC, 
Association of Systematics Collections, 1725 K Street NW, Suite 601;Washington, DC 20006-1401;


Other subjects (especially those relevant to Survey projects)

North American Benthological Society 48th Annual Meeting
2002, 28 May - June 1
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

41st Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Zoologists (includes symposia on “Prairie Biodiversity” and “Parasitism - Evolution and Ecology of Arthropod/Host Interactions”)
2002, 8-11 May
Lethridge, AB. ,  
 Cam Goater, 


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