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Arthropods of Canadian Grasslands Newsletter: Metamorphosis

The Arthropods of Canadian Grasslands newsletter began in 1983 to provide updates on research activities, news of interest and a forum for collaborators working on arthropods of Canadian grasslands. All back issues of the Grasslands Newsletter are currently available online.

The annual newsletter fulfilled its initial role of supporting the development of the grasslands project, and so no longer appears in a printed format. Instead articles that might otherwise have appeared in Arthropods of Canadian Grasslands will be posted on this web site (see below). 

To submit an article about grassland arthropods please contact the Biological Survey Secretariat at BiologicalSurvey@gmail.com.

Online articles

All articles are posted in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat in order to access these files. You can download this software from the Adobe Web site.


The wheat stem sawfly –  a nursery tale from the shortgrass prairie
Brian L. Beres, J. Robert Byers, and Hector A. Cárcamo.


Entomological opportunities in Grasslands National Park – an invitation
Darcy C. Henderson

Report on BioBlitz 2005 (excerpted from Arthropods of Canadian Forests, Volume 2, 2006)
David W. Langor



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