A General Overview

The University of Alberta Biotron in the Department of Biological Sciences is a research and teaching facility designed in 1969 at a cost of $2.5 million. The Biotron consists of an aquatic facility, a greenhouse complex and a large controlled environment facility. The facilities, including 22 cold rooms and freezers, 23 greenhouse units, 91 near ambient chambers, are designed to provide instructors and researchers with tightly controlled environmental conditions for the study of animal and plant life. The Biotron facility is available to University of Alberta faculty and students, to government agencies, and to private industry in the greater Edmonton area.

All of our facilities are monitered by the Department of Physical Plant central alarm system for potential malfunctions. Maintenance staff are on call to respond to any alarm conditions and minimize potential damage to teaching and research materials. Users are encouraged to apply for space early as research space may be limited.

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