Images of Students, Staff, and Research Projects

Research in Banff National Park, Alberta

Melanie Percy tracking in Banff National Park, Alberta
Melanie is researching the activity and movements of large carnivores in the Bow Valley of Banff National Park as part of her M.Sc. thesis.   Email:


Research in Jasper National Park, Alberta

Julie Guimond's M. Sc. research field sites
Riverine marsh plant communities in Jasper National Park.

Sheena Majewski's M. Sc. research field sites
Riverine marsh plant communities in Jasper National Park.

Julie and Sheena's projects are part of a collaboration with Jasper National Park on the impacts of transportation corridors on riverine wetlands.


Research in Elk Island National Park, Alberta

Glynnis Hood, M.Sc. with Cass, D.D. in Elk Island National Park
Glynnis is researching the interactions between elk and beaver at ELk Island as part of her Ph.D. research.   Email:


Research in the Utikuma Lakes Region, Alberta


HEAD Project Site 112 in the Utikuma Lakes region of Alberta. Staff gauges that measure water levels are visible in the water. Suzanne, Colleen, Ivor, and Thorsten are examining the trophic controls on primary production in boreal plain lakes and shallow water wetlands as part of the HEAD project.




Blue-winged teal male, one of the waterfowl species Kelly Menchenton studied in her M. Sc. research project in the Utikuma Lakes Region of Alberta
In collaboration with
Ducks Unlimited.


Research at Duck Mountain, Manitoba

Dave Locky in a boreal peatland (left); a moderately-rich fen at Duck Mountain (upper left); and detail of Sphagnum and feather mosses (upper right).
Dave is studying wetlands at Duck Mountain, Manitoba to produce a classification and determine potential impacts from logging as part of his Ph.D. research. This is a Sustainable Forest Management Network project working with Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd. In Swan River, Manitoba


Society of Wetland Scientist's meeting in Quebec City, Quebec, 2000


Julie, Sheena, Dave, Markus, Kelly, and Suzanne at the 2000 Society of Wetland Scientist's annual meeting.


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